3-4 Inch Echeveria Lauii

3-4 Inch Echeveria Lauii

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E. lauii is a beautiful,very slow growing and highly sought after succulent with blue-grey-white powdery leaves and peachy-rose flowers, grows to 15cm but may take many years.

Does not include pot or pumice.

NOTE: Be very careful as the white bloom is soft and easily damaged by the lightest touch. People are irresistibly attracted by the beautiful leaves and tend to touch the plant… …and it is common to see the culprits fingerprint imprinted on the edge of a leaf.

Cultivation: Water moderately from March to September and allow the plant to dry between waterings, avoid getting the leaves wet they does not welcome overhead waterings!!!. Overwinter in a cool and ventilated environment and keep plants dry, Hardy to -3°C

Exposition: Need a full sun position but tolerate light shade (Shrivelling up and falling of leaves along with gaps in the leaf spaces may indicate low light levels... this means that it is necessary to increase the amount of light gradually over a few days to a week)


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