3 Inch Variegated Ghost


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Variegated Ghost Plant with gorgeous coloring and pattern.These plants have natural color changing abilities. Full sun is the best location for them, but growing succulent ghost plants in partial shade produces the bluish-gray tones. Full sun plants tend to be yellowish-pink, pearlescent and slightly translucent. Those in excessive heat turn gray with pink overtones.

Ghost plants need excellent drainage and moderate water. You can tell when to water by sticking your finger in the soil. If it is dry several inches down or the fleshy leaves are looking shriveled, you should water. Overwatering is a cause of root rots and the plant can get several pest infestations. Fertilize it in early spring and provide water only monthly in winter. 
Plant is in a 3" pot, some of them have 2 heads and pups and some may have only 1 head.
Buyer will receive the plant bare root, very similar than whats pictured. Plant will be carefully packed, but because this type of plant is very delicate some leaves may fall during travel. 
Items shown are similar to picture but not identical.
Items will be shipped within 7 business days.
Plants will be shipped bare root and carefully wrapped in tissue paper.